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About Us

aboutCETCON, established in 1991, is NELAP and LELAP certified.

CETCON project coordinators and specialists have extensive working knowledge and operational experience with combustion equipment such as fired heaters, utility boilers, incinerator's, calciners, gas turbines, SRU's, HRSG's, and internal combustion engines.

CETCON produces "same day" data (real time emission results). This saves the unit operator valuable time towards reaching compliance. It also allows for a reasonable discussion with the government agencies at test times rather than waiting several weeks for "Final Results".  CETCON produces repeatable results (measured vs. calculated). This is crucial when submitting recommendations for bringing non-compliance units into compliance with equipment modifications and/or replacement. Inconsistent data can lead to lost expenditures and non-compliance.

CETCON’s data can be used to improve efficiency, maximize unit run time as well as minimize equipment wear and damage.

CETCON understands combustion equipment and provides combustion consulting. This knowledge allows CETCON the capability to intercede on the client's behalf to negotiate with State and EPA Representatives to develop alternate or modify existing testing procedures.

Recognition of abnormal test data is one of CETCON’s unique qualities as well as recommending solutions. Early detection of unusual test data can lead to operational corrections, resulting in quality data collection, and avoidance of non-compliance test results.